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Designing Your Creative Vision

I’m Jimmy, an art director in Japan

Hello there! As a seasoned art director, I am passionate about blending the realms of design and communication to produce effective, visually captivating solutions. Possessing a diverse background in fine arts, musicology, and communication, I am equipped with a distinctive skill set that enables me to deliver bespoke solutions catering to the requirements of businesses and professionals alike.

Born in France, I am a musician and art director now residing in Japan, with over 15 years of experience in the domains of communication, journalism, marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), advertising, and design. My areas of expertise specifically encompass music, advertising, visual communication, and design. Furthermore, my enthusiasm for cooking has inspired me to author numerous articles on nutrition and wellness, as well as publish a book on dieting.

Jimmy Braun
Optical illusion

My approach

Design Knowledge

In addition to my communication skills, I also bring a wealth of design knowledge to the table.

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With an in-depth understanding of design principles and techniques, I am able to translate client requests and project needs into compelling visual solutions. Whether it’s crafting a brand identity or developing a marketing campaign, I have the expertise and creativity to deliver exceptional results.

Management Skills

As a skilled art director, I grasp the significance of efficient business management and planning.

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With strong organizational skills and attention to detail, I am able to create and manage project schedules that meet delivery dates and exceed client expectations. Whether working with an in-house team or coordinating with external vendors, I am committed to delivering high-quality work in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Communication Skills

Experienced art director, excelling in communication and diverse collaboration.

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As a seasoned art director, I possess exceptional communication skills that enable me to effectively collaborate with a diverse group of individuals, both within and outside the company. Through years of experience, I have honed my ability to convey complex ideas and concepts to clients, team members, and stakeholders, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and moving towards a common goal.

Identify, create & amplify

Eager to turn creative ideas into reality using various mediums and strategic guidance.

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I am passionate about turning innovative ideas into reality through various mediums, such as ad campaigns, web development, software, print, product design, or strategic direction. My goal is to identify, develop, and amplify the connections between brand, customer, and culture, delivering impactful ideas that are on-brand, timely, and within budget. Discover how my expertise can enhance your next project and foster success in a competitive market.

You cannot effectively address a problem until you are capable of accurately describing it. If you are unable to accurately describe a problem, the solutions you believe will solve it will be chosen randomly. And when you make decisions randomly, the probability of achieving your target is extremely low.

Jean-Marc Jancovici [engineering consultant, energy and climate expert]